Francesco De Angelis

I am a researcher at the School of Science and Technology – Computer Science Division, University of Camerino. I received a PhD in “Computer Science and Complex Systems” from the University of Camerino in 2009.

My interests are in the field of Software Engineering, Software Testing, Service Oriented Architecture, Cloud Computing, Internet of Things, Physical Computing, Smart Cities, and Smart Mobility.

For my PhD dissertation, I make research about web service orchestrations and verification of web services compositions.

From 2004 I am a member of the research group coordinated by Prof. Flavio Corradini.

I am involved in the following research projects:

  • PAss – Private Assisted House per la longevità attiva e indipendente dell’anziano – Regional project (ended, 2014)
  • OCP – Open City Platform – MIUR project
  • Murphy – MURPhy Mobility URban Planning – UniCam internal research project that lead to the development of the TangraMob simulator

Since the academic year 2005-2006 I am involved in didactics activities of University of Camerino in the Computer Science division of the School of Science and Technology. I taught “Algorithms and Data Structures”, “Operating Systems” and currently  I teach “Computer Architecture” in the Computer Science degree.  From 2014-2015 I am also involved with the School of Architecture and Design of the same university in the field of Internet of Things and Physical Computing leading to the interactive design of objects and spaces.